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Do you really need that home extension?

Not that we want to talk ourselves out of a nice shiny new extension project! We have, however, done this on several projects in the past!

So, you didn’t get that shiny new extension you thought you needed, what did you get? Let us demonstrate how we got the same result but saved you a load of cash at the same time! Intrigued keep reading!!!

Previously, clients have thought they needed an extension as they lacked space. Upon engaging with our clients, listening and understanding their requirements along with the emotive rationale behind them looking to add more space. We have often concluded on assessing the existing space that the emotional reasons boil down to space utilisation and functionality.

When areas of the property have become disjointed from the central lifestyle of your family, those spaces habitually get lost and become underutilised—effectively leading to dead space! Often making other areas in the property feel congested, small and thus the thought in lack of space, leaving you craving more.

Life is forever moving in a new direction; this is also true of our requirements. Looking back at how families functioned 10, 20, 30 years ago, is entirely different from how they operate today. Moving on 30 years from now will also present unforeseen dynamics. Whilst, a lot of properties we have worked on, are certainly in the older category equally, some are not. Were they poorly designed? Perhaps the odd one was, but again that is just a difference in opinion or maybe a constraint at the time of design. The point being made is, they were designed and arranged for a point in life in the past or perhaps someone else’s requirements.

Moving forward, a shift in lifestyle over recent years in terms of open plan and togetherness has changed the fluidity and dynamics of our living space. It’s now more important than ever that effective space utilisation and functionality are built into our central lifestyle, which ultimately impacts on the quality of our lives and mental wellbeing.

Now we can’t say this applies to all scenarios, as it is simply not the case. Sometimes you need a shiny new extension, to create the desired space. But we can work with you to assess this before making any significant investments on an extension.

How we do this;

  1. We like to understand and listen to you.
  2. Identify how you function in terms of #yourfamiliyflow. We are all individual, unique and have our representation of what works for us. Therefore, we treat you individually and provide unique solutions.
  3. Identify problematic areas.
  4. Ascertain if the current footprint is suitable.
  5. Provide solutions and improvements.

How is this achieved;

More often than not, depending on the objective, it can be one or a combination of the items listed below.

  • Removing a wall between rooms.
  • Changing the layout and position of a room.
  • Borrowing space from dead space.
  • Improving natural light, larger openings, additional roof windows.
  • Smart storage solutions.
  • Conversion or partial conversion of garages/outbuildings within the footprint.

So to answer the question, “what did you get”. A well-designed internal layout that suited your requirements and saved a pile of cash!

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